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Glass Works


Boat Repair & Maintenance

Our expert team specializes in boat repair and maintenance, utilizing the latest technology to keep your vessel in pristine condition. From routine check-ups to major repairs, trust us to ensure your boat's seaworthiness

Interior Design Proposals & Houseboat Construction

Let us transform your boat's interior with captivating design proposals. From concept to execution, we create spaces that reflect your style and comfort. Additionally, we specialize in building luxurious houseboats that redefine on-water living.

Precision Boat Painting

Elevate the aesthetics of your boat with our precision boat painting services. Our skilled artisans apply the finest coatings to create a stunning finish that not only protects but also enhances your vessel's appearance.

Expert Woodwork Installations

Experience the beauty of bespoke woodwork on your boat. We excel in adding wood elements that bring elegance and functionality to your vessel's interior. Our craftsmanship combines traditional artistry with modern techniques.

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